I knew I wanted to do a totally improvisational quilt that was pretty minimalist. I chose eight batik charm squares and opted for black negative space. The blocks were improv pieced and then trimmed down to 6.5 inches and after fiddling with them on my design wall for a few days I sewed them into rows. Then I actually improv pieced the rows with the black background wedges and added black borders to get it to the size I wanted.

I used black 60/40 batting and black poly quilting thread. The design over the rows is overlapping geometrical shapes, reminiscent of broken glass and the fractured reflections of light that happen in water. The negative space is done in a swirling design to give the feel of flowing water.

In modern quilting you rarely see batiks used… I am not sure why, but I love them and intend to keep using them. Time to set a trend!







Midnight Beach Glass – an Improv Quilt

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