I need to catch you all up on some projects that I have done in the recent months, so I’ll be posting about those over the next couple of weeks.

For now, here is my most recent completed project. This lap quilt is a gift for a friend who is fighting a difficult battle. He had some great ideas about what he wanted in a quilt and it was fun to discuss the design with him and work through the composition process with someone who had specific ideas. I hope I captured the feel that he wanted and this quilt brings a lot of comfort and warmth for a long time in the future.


Falling Leaves 1

Falling Leaves 4

I found pictures of leaves from various trees: Pin Oak, White Oak, Red Maple, Sugar Maple, Silver Maple, Sumac, and American Elm and used those pictures to cut out the leaf shapes from various handpaint batik fabrics. The cloudy sky print fabric makes up the main area of the background, with two borders. I quilted the wind in the sky area and the two borders first. The golden border has a sort of wheat design and the green border has a leafy vine design. This was my first time quilting that sort of design, sort of a pointy feather, and while I think I can perfect my technique more in the future, I was really happy with how it turned out and how fun it was to stitch.

Falling Leaves 2

After the main quilting was done on the longarm, I fused the leaves onto the quilt top and stitched those on at my domestic machine. I stitched in free motion around the edges and added the leaf veins and stems. Then it was onto the binding and for the first time I was actually really happy with how my binding turned out. Woo hoo! Then it was time to launder the quilt to give it the nice crinkled finish that I love. Plus, I like my quilts to be used and loved, they go in the washer and dryer and I think it looks awesome.

Falling Leaves 3

Falling Leaves 5

Falling Leaves 6

Hope you like it and please share and sew on! – Vita

P.S. I have edited my settings to allow comments on blog posts. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work retroactively but it should work for next time! 🙂

Falling In Love With Falling Leaves
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