Today was the Fall Combined Test at EHSC, my local horse riding club. I was the chairperson for the show, which means I was basically the organizer. It took up most of the last few days and it was a good show. I’m glad it’s done with so I can return my focus to Fall Cleanup and Winter Prep around the farm. Yes, those deserve capital letters! It’s a huge task that begins in late August and usually isn’t finished until close to Thanksgiving… there is so much to do and so much of it is hard physical labor.

After wrapping up everything with Colton’s Quilt, I got back to “Scribble” which is a quilt for my Mother-In-Law. She picked out the fabrics and I chose to do pinwheel blocks with them because she really liked the pinwheels I painted on two of my horse jumps. IMG_2227


This is a photo of Jackie’s Quilt top before I started quilting it.



It’s XL lap size and I planned to do an all over design created by Leah Day called Tangle of Lights but when I sat down to quilt it I realized two things:

1. The quilt was already super busy and vivid looking due to all the bright primary colors (plus purple and black). While I loved Tangle of Lights, it was going to be “too much!”

2. Once I started moving a quilt that size around under my domestic machine I realized it was going to be really difficult and painful and tedious to quilt a quilt that size on a domestic machine, for me anyways. My hands, which are effected by the RA, did NOT like pushing that quilt around.

So I opted just to do loopy line, which I had already started, just hadn’t added any “lights” yet. It’s not as round and flowing as I’d like it to be, due to the difficulty of moving the quilt around. So I’m calling the quilt “Scribble” because that is sort of what the quilting looks like to me. It’s still cool, but not what I’d envisioned. However, going through this process is what led me to realizing that if I wanted to keep quilting and start the quilting business then I was going to have to get a Long Arm.

Hence, Beatrice:

imageNext winter I will make my MIL a really pretty bed quilt, with better quilting.. using Beatrice. For now Scribble will add some color and cheer this winter. It’s about half done with the quilting!




Busy busy!