When you are quilting lots of customer quilts and making quilts for other people and they are all sort of big projects and have deadlines, it can start to feel exhausting. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, I really do! And I think I’m lucky to be able to create things people will love and finish quilts that mean so much to people. However, when it’s for someone else I am constantly tempering my own creative ideas with what I think that person will like and enjoy and what budget and time constraints allow for. It’s an important skill to have, but it takes effort and energy.

I saw a pattern for a table runner on the cover of a quilting magazine this summer, when I was deep into the horse show season and didn’t have any time for quilting other than customer quilts. I kept looking at the pattern and day dreaming about how I wanted to make it, what fabrics I would use and any modifications I wanted to make. I was spurred into action by a lovely gift of a new dining room set from my in-laws for our 10 year anniversary. It was time to do something that I would actually keep!

So amidst a few other bigger, seemingly more important projects I made this table runner, which now lays on our new dining room table. It’s bright and cheerful and it makes me smile whenever I look at it. I felt very free making it and very little pressure – any little mistakes were just handmade design variations – no worries about making it perfect. I just love it 🙂

I showed it at my Guild’s Rainbow Challenge Compeition and it was third place for viewers choice! There were some really amazing quilts and crafts there so I was very touched that my little table runner was so appreciated! It’s important to treat yourself, cleanse your palette, free yourself and be refreshed. Thats when the magic returns to your craft – no matter what you do.

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Treating Yourself, Feeling Refreshed

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