I’ll admit it, I’m fussy about having good spaces to do my work. If I feel cramped, or like there isn’t enough surface area, or things are too disorganized, I have a hard time creating things and getting work done.

When I decided to revamp my old sewing room, I made a huge cutting and work table for the studio from 16 Ikea Lack tables, basically I have an area of 8 of them and they are stacked two high to make them counter top height. They are inexpensive, lightweight, easy to assemble and really not that expensive to have shipped if you don’t have an Ikea nearby.

I didn’t take photos at the time but the process is really very simple and easy to do. First, assemble your tables. Then take the ones that are going to be on top and drill holes into the center of the bottom of the table legs. Insert wooden pegs into the holes with wood glue, leaving about a 1/2 inch sticking out the bottom. Allow to glue to dry. Then put your pegged top table on top of it’s bottom counterpart and draw marks around the pegs where they are resting on the top of the table. You want to try to line up the tables so they are matched up, one squarely on top of the other. After you’ve made your marks, you can take the top table off and set it aside. Drill holes where you have marked and add a glob of wood glue into the holes and then put the pegged table back on top, line up all the pegs and holes and push it down so that the pegs get seated into the bottom table. Now just let it dry for a while. If you want to move them, just carry them by the bottom table. Once you’ve made all your double-stacked Ikea Lack Tables then you can push them together in whatever shape you have determined that you want. I used heavy duty wire zip ties to cinch the legs of neighboring tables together to give added stability. If you get the high gloss tables and they squeak, I solved that by just putting a very small piece of shelf liner in between the neighboring tables before cinching them up with the zip ties.

Afterwards I made a top for my work table out of a piece of veneered plywood cut to size, sanded, stained and finished. It is heavy and I just have some of that grippy rubbery shelf liner under the plywood, on top of the lack tables, to help stabilize the plywood. I’ve never had a problem with it shifting.

More recently I made a ironing station out of 6 more Lack Tables. For the top on that I got a piece of plywood cut to the size I wanted and covered it with one layer of batting and cotton canvas fabric. I used to staple gun to attach it. Then I covered it again with a pretty piece of cotton quilting fabric.

These tables make great work areas and also provide a ton of storage as you can see in the photos:

IMG_0564 IMG_0575 dogstarironingtable

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Large cutting and ironing tables for sewing made with Ikea Lack tables